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Eat This: Brunch at Untitled

During the summer, while scrambling to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the MET (and then waiting over 2 hours in line to see it!), DevoLT and I took advantage of being on the Upper East Side (a rarity for these two Brooklynites) and went to Danny Meyer’s newest addition to his NY dining empire, Untitled. The restaurant is located in the basement of the Whitney Art Museum, and has a very sparse feel, with giant windows pouring sunlight onto large concrete tables and benches. We found the menu to be a really unique version of exactly what they claim: “a classic Manhattan coffee shop.” Take a look at what we decided to go with:

Yogurt with dried cranberries, granola, and honey

This was a last minute addition because we were basically starving and couldn’t wait for our main dishes. No regrets; this granola was some of the best that we’ve ever had. And the yogurt was nice and creamy.

Egg whites and spinach omelet with chicken sausage, potatoes, and toast

This is what I got and it was basically perfect. The sausage was the most flavorful chicken sausage I’ve ever had (and I only eat chicken sausage, so I can’t compare to other types). In fact, everything was so flavorful that I would probably have a hard time not ordering this again. It was the ideal amount of food, too: I didn’t leave over-stuffed, just completely satisfied.

Pastrami and Swiss Omelet

Pastrami and Swiss Omelet

DevoLT’s had the pastrami and Swiss omelet. The pastrami was nice and smoky and well complemented by the Swiss. The eggs were soft and fluffy. The rye bread accompanying it went perfectly with the dish. Oh, and the home fries were awesome.

DevoLT actually went back for lunch another time and got a sandwich from their special grilled cheese section. You can choose your cheese (American, cheddar, or aged Gouda) and bread (pullman, whole wheat, or parma loaf), and add on roasted tomatoes, avocados, mushroom, bacon, ham, or turkey. She got the cheddar on wheat with roasted tomatoes and avocado and it was delicious. Definitely one of the best grilled cheeses in the city: not too greasy, but still very buttery; cheese melted to perfection; and yummy add-ons that didn’t overwhelm.

There were so many tasty things on the menu that it took us a long time to narrow it down. I’d love to go back there for lunch or dinner; I’m sure that their matzoh ball soup is to die for, and they had several salads and sandwiches that made our mouths water. We had to struggle to resist getting a piece of pie, especially because they have selections from Four and Twenty Blackbirds there. The kicker: it’s all very affordable, which was a surprise because I normally associate brunching on the UES with a pocket drain. This was a thoroughly delicious experience.

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JudyJams Sept 2011 Picks: Wild Flag, Sbtrkt, The Pack ad, and more!

Back to School time is actually my return to Picks time. I confess, I’ve been a summer slacker but I’m gearing up for the Fall music rush. This month’s picks are girl-power-heavy:

1. Wild Flag– S/T

Image via

It should come as no surprise that I’m excited about this record coming out on Merge next week, September 13th. I’ve heard several songs from the album and have the 7″ with “Glass Tambourine” so I’m pretty much sold. If you aren’t, check out this really neat album trailer video that they put together:

2. Sbtrkt– S/T

Image via

I discovered this album while it was playing at Soundfix, one of my favorite local record stores. I had heard so much about Sbrtrkt but never actually heard it; it was the right timing, and I purchased immediately. No regrets: it’s like the perfect combo between James Blake and Nightmares on Wax. The album features guest singers Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon, Roses Gabor, Sampha, and Jessie Ware.

3. The Pack  a.d.Unpersons

Image via

More girl power! This one in the form of duo The Pack ad, whose fourth album is out on Mint Records on September 14th. They define the word “badass” and are like a tougher female version of the Black Keys. For those fans of modern sounding classic rock (sung by women!).

4. Jacuzzi BoysGlazin’

Image via HardlyArt

If their band name is not a riff on Beach Boys, I will eat my hat. They sound like a more garage-rock take on the CA band’s first songs. There are even some more spaced-out tunes that recall early David Bowie (see “Silver Sphere (Death Dream)” for a good example). Definitely something for everything surf rock/guitar rock fan out there.

5. Talk Normal

Image via The

Talk Normal doesn’t actually have a current release coming out, but there has been so much buzz about them recently that I’m betting they will announce something soon. They also fit very well into the “girl power” theme of this post, with a few exceptions (Jacuzzi Boys ahem ahem). Talk Normal are considered part of the “no-wave” genre, and the band consists of drummer/vocalist Andrya Ambro and guitarist/vocalist Sarah Register.  They’ve been touring non-stop with the likes of Weekend, Tara Jane ONeil, and even the legendary Wire, so keep an eye out for some stops near you.

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Eat My Craft: Breakfasty Crafts that Butter Our Biscuits

We love crafts at TNJ, so we thought we’d start a new feature that combines our love of breakfast with our craft obsession, and voila! Eat My Craft is born! Each month we’ll feature some of our favorite breakfast-themed crafts from the web. Feel free to send in links or photos of any awesome crafts you find or make yourself!

This month’s theme is knitted and crocheted items. It’s amazing what you can do with some yarn and needles!

1. Joy Filled Donut Rattles for Babies

It’s never too early to get Baby on the doughnut love train! These adorable hand-crocheted rattles will surely have Junior drooling and smiling at the same time. You can buy these on Etsy from huckleberryfaye right here. And if you’re lusting after some real doughnuts, our favorite shop is Doughnut Plant in NYC, with locations on the Lower East Side and Chelsea. Try the Tres Leche, Blackout, Banana Pecan, or the new Matcha Green Tea. You won’t regret it.

2. French Toast Amigurumi

Although amigurumi (Japanese knitted or crocheted toys) are essentially useless, they are also incredibly adorable. Like this little French toast guy! You may not realize it, but you NEED him. You can find it NadiasPlace on Etsy, along with lots of other cute amigurumi, breakfast foods and otherwise. To find out about our favorite edible French toasts, click here.

3. Custom Made Bacon & Eggs Breakfast Bikini

So you want to wear your breakfast? How about this amazing crocheted bikini in the form of eggs on your breasts and bacon over your crotch? Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? If you’ve got the eggs to wear this, you can get it byZIEHL on Etsy here.

4. Breakfast-Themed Scarves

Not quite ready for the bikini? How about one of these awesome scarves instead? Show your love for bacon and eggs (and a pancake purse!), toast and butter, or pancakes with syrup!

5. Breakfast Time PDF Pattern

Perhaps you want to try your hand at crocheting some breakfast foods yourself? This adorable crochet pattern lets you make a bowl of cereal, milk, a banana, and of course a spoon. Test your skills and remember not to eat your work! You can get this pattern from KTBdesigns on Etsy.

6. Crocheted Breakfast Headbands

Yes, these are slightly ridiculous. But aren’t they also super cute? Maybe you can force one on  to your young child…perfect Halloween costume! Find them and other charming crocheted snacks at youcute on Etsy.

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