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Dan Deacon at Red Hook Park and Recommended Free Outdoor Shows

Dan Deacon at Red Hook Park

Baltimorean Dan Deacon has been a darling of the Brooklyn scene for the past 5 years or so, endearing promoters like Todd P and creating some of the best music events turned dance parties in the city. His last album, 2009’s Bromst, was well-received but Deacon hadn’t played in Brooklyn since, I believe, last summer’s show with No Age and Deerhunter at Brooklyn Bowl. So, it was with great excitement that the crowd welcomed him to Red Hook Park last month (June 16), as part of Summerstage‘s “expansion” shows (Summerstage is normally always held at Central Park, but this year some shows are being held at various parks around the city).

Dan Deacon at Red Hook Park

Dan Deacon at Red Hook Park

First of all, I don’t understand why they don’t have more shows at this location–it was great! Plenty of room, good sound, and, well, not so convenient to get to (I recommend biking!). It was easy to get a good view of Deacon’s onstage antics and the crowd surfing was plentiful. Deacon played songs from various previous albums as well as a few new ones. He led the crowd in some synchronized dance moves, encouraged hula hooping and organized a dance contest. The crowd was happy and friendly and Deacon seemed pleased as punch to be there.

Dan Deacon at Red Hook Park

Dan Deacon at Red Hook Park

As my first free outdoor show of the summer, it was a winner. And in case you’re wondering what other outdoor shows I’m excited about, here you go:

What are you looking forward to??? More Dan Deacon pictures after the jump!


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JudyJams Weekly Picks #3: High Places, Future Islands, and Garotas Suecas

It was hard to pick from all of the new music out there this week, but three bands caught my eye more than the rest. Thrill Jockey is consistently a favorite record label of mine, and I was very excited when they signed L.A.-based (originally Brooklyn based) High Places, who I had seen in various venues across Brooklyn. Their sound is a mixture of lush electronica and folky-pop, and their self-titled debut came out on Thrill Jockey in 2008 to modest success. Their new album, out now, is called High Places vs Mankind, and from the sound of the few songs I have heard, it is sure to make a bigger splash. You can download their new song “On Giving Up” here.

Photo of High Places via Thrill Jockey

High Places is playing Shea Stadium in Brooklyn tonight, April 8. (It was originally set for Market Hotel, but has changed locations).

Next up is Future Islands, a Baltimore-based three-piece who are putting out their Thrill Jockey debut, In the Evening Air, this May. The band has received a ton of online buzz for their quirky brand of “Post-Wave,” (their own term), and have been touring frequently, including many dates with good friend Dan Deacon. I saw them about 2 years ago at Deacon’s curated Baltimore Round Robin, and they stood out among the din. You can check out the song “Tin Man” here, and I will post the soon-to-be-released video with a review of the full album in the near future!

Photo of Future Islands via Thrill Jockey

Third pick for this week is Sao Paulo based Garotas Suecas (which apparently means “Swedish Girls” is Portuguese). They play a fun, modern take on Tropicalia, mixed with garage rock. The band has 6 members, and has been receiving an overwhelming amount of enthusiastic press. They are not signed to a U.S. label yet, but you can download their song “Codinome Dinomite” here.

Garotas Suecas album cover shot via AAM

The band just played a few dates in NYC at the beginning of this month, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be back again soon, judging by the tremendous reception they’ve received here! A video for their song “Bugulu” is here.

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