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Eat This: Raviolo al Uovo at Maialino

Maialino is the newest restaurant from Danny Meyer, located in the Gramercy Park Hotel, serving  Roman-style food. After a delicious lunch there during restaurant week, complete with the excellent service Meyer’s restaurants are known for, I knew I had to come here for brunch. When a special occasion arose (my birthday!), I pounced.

Cornetto at Maialino

The decor is Italian rustic with a nice bar area and plenty of tables. With our stomachs empty we decided to start with an appetizer of some pastries. We got the cornetto (glazed croissant) and the bombolini con crema (doughnuts with cream). Both were pretty fabulous, although I wish they had a regular croissant on the menu to tone down the sugar (the other choice is chocolate).

Bombolini at Maialino

Yummy cream filling in the bombolini at Maialino

For our entrees my husband had the Uova al Contadino, which is poached eggs on top of zucchini, corn, and pecorino.  It was light and tasty, but pretty simple–one of those dishes you feel like you can easily make at home.

Poached Eggs with Zuccini, Corn, and Pecornino

I had the Raviolo al Uovo which is one gigantic ravioli filled with egg yolk, ricotta, and sage. My husband and I have a running joke that whenever you order ravioli at a restaurant, the fancier the place is the fewer raviolis you will get. And yes, sometimes they are larger than usual, but it is still never enough to fill him up.

Raviolo al Uovo at Maialino

The runny yolky goodness inside the Raviolo al Uovo

Well, since this was only one ravioli, large as it was, it definitely takes the cake for smallest ravioli portion ever. Now, this is brunch, not dinner, so I didn’t need four of these babies. but at least two would have been nice, especially at $14. And especially because it was so tasty–I wanted more!

Sorbet and Gelato

Since we weren’t full we decided to get some sorbet and gelato for dessert, which was nice and refreshing.

I can’t help but compare Maialino to Locanda Verde: both upscale, gourmet Italian restaurants in NYC, and I must say, Locanda Verde definitely wins. While everything at Maialino was tasty and the service was excellent, for the price you definitely get more at Locanda Verde, plus nobody can beat their pastries!

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Eat This: Brunch at Locanda Verde

Locanda Verde opened in 2009 to some fanfare as the new Robert DeNiro establishment. DeNiro is a part owner, and his last venture at that spot, Ago, did not fare so well. However, Locanda Verde has gotten some pretty wonderful reviews, including two stars from Frank Bruni at the New York Times.

If you are looking for a special occasion brunch, look no further. Located in Tribeca, the restaurant is beautiful and airy, with enough tables to cut down on a long wait, but you can make reservations. The beverages all sound delicious, but if you’re not in the mood for alcohol the Tre-Stelle, which is the house juice made with pomegranate, blood oranges, and Valencia oranges is superb and refreshing. Although at $7 it’s not cheap. The cocktails are $12.

I highly recommend beginning with an appetizer, something I never really do at brunch. But at Locanda Verde it’s hard to pass up. The first time I was here, on Valentine’s Day, we got the Sheep’s Milk Ricotta, a specialty of the restaurant. The creamy cheese is served with truffle honey and burnt orange toast and it was sublime; really one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. The second time I was there, for my husband’s birthday, we got the Pastry Misti del Giorno, a trio of the pastries of the day by pastry chef Karen DeMasco. DeMasco is a genius and her pastries have been much lauded by many. That morning we enjoyed a lemon rosemary muffin, a strawberry scone, and a cinnamon and sugar donut, served with a lovely strawberry jam and creamy butter. The scone was transcendant, the others very delicious.

Both times I’ve been there, I ordered the Soft Scrambled Farm Egg Crostino for my entree. It is a plate of the softest, lightest scrambled eggs with leeks and herbs served on a piece of toasted crostino. It also comes with a side salad that is among the best salads I’ve ever eaten. I don’t usually get so excited about salads, but this one is a thing of beauty. It consists of arugula and hen of the woods mushroom and has an amazing lemony parmesan dressing.

On his birthday my husband ordered the Organic Oatmeal with stewed fruits and almonds. It was light and creamy and delicious and perfect if you’re not in the mood for eggs, but don’t want to splurge on pancakes or French toast–especially if you’ve already had the pastries for an appetizer! However, the Hazelnut-Crusted French Toast, which comes with a lovely citrus salad, is delicious, of course. My husband had that on Valentine’s.

So, if you’re looking to splurge on calories and money at brunch, Locanda Verde is an ideal venue. And afterward you can enjoy the lovely Tribeca streets, especially in summertime.

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Eat This: Biscuits & Gravy at Tupelo

Biscuits & Gravy at Tupelo in Cambridge, MA

If you’re ever in Cambridge – Massachusetts, not Great Britain – on a Sunday morning and are missing good ol’ Southern cooking, head over to Tupelo for brunch. A delightful alternative to eggs and  toast, cure your Sunday morning hangover with buttermilk biscuits and sausage gravy in Inman Square. The biscuits are fluffy and buttery,  barely crumble, and are oh-too-delicious when dipped in the gravy. The gravy sauce is creamy and sweet with just a hint of tang. It was quickly agreed that this is the best biscuits & gravy either of us have ever tasted. They also have other incredible-looking dishes, local coffee that got Matt’s seal of approval, and desserts that we were too full to eat from Petsie Pies.

Tupelo, 1193 Cambridge St., Cambridge, MA, 617-868-0004

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