Eat This: Pumpkin Yogurt and Pumpkin Pie Custard from White Cow Dairy

December 20, 2010 at 11:06 am Leave a comment

It seems the blog-gods heard my plea, and my awesome friend Ruth, who saw my post about my inability to find White Cow Dairy‘s pumpkin yogurt in my post about their other fabulous yogurts, bought me not only the pumpkin yogurt, but their pumpkin pie custard as well! Yay Ruth!

Pumpkin yogurt and pumpkin pie custard from White Cow Dairy

On to the reviews…the pumpkin yogurt was pretty awesome, to put it bluntly. The tangy taste of fresh yogurt was still there, but there was a strong and delicious pumpkin flavor coming through, accented by cinnamon and maple sugar. YUM. I can’t really think of a better, cheaper breakfast on the go!

Pumpkin yogurt from White Cow Dairy

After my previous custard experience with White Cow Dairy I was definitely skeptical, I really did not like their vanilla custard very much. However, their pumpkin pie flavor is an entirely different story. This tasted like the most delicious pumpkin pie filling you’ve ever had. It was super pumpkin-y, even with a few chunks, a bit maple-y, and just enough vanilla bean thrown in, as well as a touch of sea salt. This is what pumpkin pie filling should taste like–pumpkin! I could’ve eaten three of these jars without a problem.

Pumpkin pie custard from White Cow Dairy

Doesn't it look like pumpkin pie filling? It tastes like it too!

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