Hot Chip at Terminal 5

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I LOVE Hot Chip. They are one of my favorite bands ever (I know, it’s a bold statement) and I always have enjoyed seeing them live. The first time I saw them was in the summer of 2006 when they played a free show at South Street Seaport. It was crowded, but not crazy, and there were some hardcore fans in attendance, but lots of people just came to check out the free music. The band was awesome and fun and everyone seemed to be dancing and having a good time.

Fast forward to last week when the band played two shows at the gigantic Terminal 5, with openers The xx. Brooklynvegan posted the below letter by Self Proclaimed Hipster, and I feel compelled to do the same:

Dear Hot Chip fans in NY,I went to see The xx and Hot Chip perform at Terminal 5 tonight. The xx were lovely, as usual. Jamie Smith totally rocked the MPCs as he always does; he even worked in some recognizable trance beats at the end of one song. Anyway, we all know how I love The xx, so let’s move on.

This was my first time seeing Hot Chip, and as long as I’m in New York, this will probably be my last time seeing them. THEY were great. I mean, I still don’t totally get why so many people lurve them so much. I especially don’t understand how anyone in their fucking right mind would enjoy listening to “Ready for the Floor”. That has to be one of the most obnoxious songs of my life, but Hot Chip are such awesome performers that I didn’t totally mind enduring the song. My favorite Hot Chip songs are the ones with a more overt R&B/hip-hop swing, like The Warning (which they did not play), but whatever. Anyway, they seem like cool dudes and their performance was great.

So why will I never attend another Hot Chip concert in New York? Because 90% of the Hot Chip crowd were utter fucking douchechills. Men, women, young, old, bros, non-bros – they were the most annoying crowd I have EVER EVER EVER come across. I am pretty tolerant of most crowds; I once had to endure Disturbed fans when I was 16. BUT GODDAMN, NY Hot Chip fans… you guys are assholes. You had no knowledge of concert etiquette. Some of you were big The xx fans, too, and you almost ruined that set for me, but my love for them prevailed.

Here’s the thing: you don’t fucking mosh to Hot Chip, ok? You don’t fucking pogo a go go here. You dance. You don’t mosh, you don’t crowd surf, you don’t try to start a circle pit. Fuck you, and stay away from The xx next time they’re in town. I don’t need to hear you yelling “OMGZ JAMIE I LOVE YOU,” you fucking teenies.

Seriously, congrats. Out of all the concerts I have been to, you are the worst crowd ever.



Lindserella and I got there late and totally missed The xx and most of Hot Chip’s set (it sucked!), so I don’t feel like I can give a review of the performance. However, I totally agree with Soma here about the crowd. Lindserella and I love to dance, especially to Hot Chip, but this crowd was so obnoxious that we were totally turned off. Just because we’re short doesn’t mean you can elbow our heads!

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I will always love Hot Chip, and if you haven’t heard their new album One Life Stand yet, it’s fabulous (although I will always be partial to Coming on Strong). However, I’m not sure if I will jump at the chance to see them live again…I may just have to suffice with replaying their set at South Street Seaport in my head.

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